Zhilai water park lockers allow key-less access in cashless parks using waterproof RFID or Bar-code wrist bands. The rental and re-entry process is fast and very easy to use. Zhilai locker can provide waterproof wrist bands or integrate to existing entrance and ticketing systems.
Zhilai electronic locker systems are operating in major water park installations around the world. They operate day after day under constant heavy use with a minimum requirement for maintenance and servicing. They will last for many years providing substantial profits and excellent return on investment.
Cooperate with Water Cube,ZHILAI provided Lockers for the Beijing Olympic swimming competition,Zhilai electronic lockers require minimal supervision and assistance and allow staff to engage in other customer service activities.While 8 years passed,all those Lockers are working fine and provide great convenience to thousands of swimmers.
ZHILAI RFID storage locker in Shenzhen schools Safety protection, Convince &​ Efficiency ZHILAI provided hundreds of Storage Locker to schools in Shenzhen, and the RFID technology allows students to use their lockers by reading the campus card.
ZHILAI storage locker at WAL MART super market The common characteristic of the shopping mall, super market and station is that the customer traffic is big and the high mobility, which makes customer belonging storage very difficult to manage. While ZHILAI Electric Locker perfectly solved this problem.