RFID locker in the beach park

     Dameisha Seaside Park is located in Yantian District Shenzhen city China. As one of the most famous and popular travel resorts, Dameisha Seaside Park attracts more than 10,000 tourists every day.
    How to store tourists’ belongs and keep it safe becomes a critical issue. 
    Shenzhen Zhilai electronic locker is a very good solution.
    Since 2009, over 140 sets of Shenzhen Zhilai electronic lockers have being used in Dameisha Seaside Park. 
    8 years past, the Dameisha Park has received more 40 million visitors. And ZHILAI Locker still working fine and has no trace of corrosion. 
    With the character of efficiency, stability, reliability, flexibility and various sizes, Shenzhen Zhilai electronic locker won a good reputation from both tourists and Dameisha Park.